Saturday, November 12, 2005

Elementary School Library Blogs

Hi, Group!
I was toggling between internet explorer and blogger this afternoon, and had probably written a couple hundred words. I was looking at each school site that linked from blogwithoutalibrary, since my area of interest is school libraries more than public, academic or special libraries. Suddenly, one of the school sites messed up my computer and I lost that nice long post!
So, here I am starting over again...Anyway, my conclusion after this afternoon was that I need to start a blog at my elementary school because there aren't any currently out there! The majority of schools don't mention blogs on their websites. However, some call themselves blogs, but really are not. For example, Grandview Elementary School calls its homepage a blog. It isn't a blog.
I did find a blog from Austin, TX, but it inexplicably ended last February 14th. Landis Elementary School has an impressive homepage and easy-to-spot link to their blog, but the blog has only posted two sentences in five months. A Mr. Wells at Wildwood Elementary School began a good blog in March, 2005...and ended it in April. So, as I said, I think it's up to me to lead the way with an elementary school blog!


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